Production Stage 1

The feature essay was typed on scraps of paper I have saved over the years and using a mostly-working typewriter found in my parent’s basement. The only two non-functioning keys on are the I and the J, and though there were few enough J’s in the essay for me to manually pry it out of the machine and stamp it onto the paper where necessary, the I’s were a problem in a first-person essay. I decided to distort the tone of the essay by writing in capital letters and replacing any I’s with exclamation points. Using all caps and substituting in exclamation points denotes importance, emphasis or shouting, which distorts the personal, reflective tone of Joan’s essay and may draw the reader to interpret what is being said in a way that was not originally intended by the author. The essay is juxtaposed with collage and ephemera to create a fragmented experience for the reader.

A young Fran typing away — photo by Brian Kall

I had trouble deciding whether to use plain white or coloured/textured strips to integrate into the collage which meant I had to fully type the essay on both in order to decide.

This is the result.