Things that get forgotten

In all the hub hub of organising a wedding; a few simple things may get forgotten. They’re things that you mean to get too, but maybe don’t, or perhaps you just didn’t think of them.

These may be things that you can ask you maid-of-honour or best man to take care of.

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For the day

  1. Cake knife and server — this can sometime be provided by the company making the cake, check. If the cake is being made and given as a gift, you may need to provide your own
  2. Guestbook and pen — a small thing, but sometimes the thing you look back on the most apart from the photograph album
  3. Pen for signing the register — if you have a switched on celebrant, this will be provided, but worth having a back up. Are you listening to me Mr. Bestman?
  4. Sewing kits for last minute repairs, to the bride and guests. Again, it’s likely your celebrant will have one of these, but just in case they don’t, it might be something mother of the groom or maid-of-honour can have stashed in their clutch.
  5. Phone chargers — Sad, but true.
  6. Gifts for the wedding party. It’s traditional to give a small gift to the groomsmen and bridesmaids as a thank you for all their hard work. If you delegate as any sensible bride does, they’ve earned these gifts.
  7. The Dress — Sounds silly, but make sure you get the photographer to shoot from every angle. Otherwise you may look back and think, I wonder if it was that stunning from the back or side. Also, if you’re leaving the reception to travel directly to the airport and you’re changing out of it, make sure sure someone if taking home with them.
  8. Music — don’t leave booking the DJ until last. The DJ sets the tone for the whole event. It takes time to find the right one.
  9. The presents — if done right all gifts should arrive before the actual wedding day. If however, you have a table of gifts at the end of the evening, find someone that will take them for you and keep safe until you can pick them up.
  10. Ceremony to Reception — It’s likely you’ll have a lovely car. How are your guests getting there? Book a coach, or arrange car pooling, or provide really good clear instructions with a map. Of course, you may have just decided on a venue that can host the whole thing, in which case, nothing to worry about.
  11. After the Reception — how is everyone getting home? Give this some consideration. If you’re getting married in a remote spot is there enough accommodation for you guests to stay too? Are there enough taxi’s for those that wish to drink and still get home? It worth considering giving the local taxi firm the heads up if you expect a mass exodus at the end of the evening.
  12. Confirm everything — between one and two weeks out, confirm everything you have booked. Everything.
  13. Don’t forget to have fun — All to often weddings became about what’s expected rather than what the Bride and Groom want. It’s your day, do what you want. The family and friends will get over it when they see how much you love each other and how much fun you’re having.
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After it’s all over

  1. Where are you staying tonight? — Are you going home the night of the wedding or booking into a hotel. Remember to book it. If you want to sleep after a very busy and exhausting day, I would suggest a room at another inn.
  2. Thank you cards —Often in the days of social media we forget how wonderful it is to receive a handwritten envelope in the mail. Take the time to write Thank-you cards to everyone that sent you gifts and those that shared your special day with you. Ideally these are done within a month of the wedding.
  3. Reviews — all the vendors that helped out making your day so special can sometimes be forgotten once the honeymoon is over. Take a few minutes to go onto websites, Facebook pages and leave feedback. Of course, if it was a disaster, don’t.

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