How to use humanity to help you win at business blogging

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned entertainment?

One of the biggest misconceptions and unilateral mistakes business owners make when producing blog posts is forgetting that, underneath the professional bravado, we’re all human.

Professionalism is one thing. I wouldn’t recommend writing about taboo subjects or using offensive language in your posts, but your results will enter a whole new dimension if you re-prioritise humanity at the top of your blog engagement strategy.

Simplistic concept, perhaps, but all the best ones are, aren’t they?

- Who is your audience?

- What do your buyer personas look like?

- What do they all have in common?

  • Chief Operating Officer: human.
  • Financial Director: yep, human too.
  • Art Director: you got it, 100% human.
  • Magazine Editor: oh yes, DNA confirmed, human.

These people may have important jobs and fancy titles, but they have feelings, emotions, families and quite possibly a sense of humour, too.

If they don’t, do you want to do business with them?

How to improve your business blog posts

Of course, you still need to produce content that is useful and informative, but how about the next time you still down to plan your content: start with a spider diagram with the word HUMAN written in big capital letters, right in the centre and work from there.

What keeps them awake at night?

And regardless of whether you’re writing about finance or producing detailed technical information, I urge you to put a little bit of your heart and soul into it and remember, you’re writing for another human being, not a brain-dead robot.

How human are you?

Purely and simply for no other reason but entertainment, here is a short comedic interlude from the swinging sixties to test whether You are in fact human?! If you laugh, you can rest easy, you’re a fully paid up member of the human race. If you don’t, I’m guessing you’re probably a traffic warden.