Stage 1. Overcoming

My Journey | #path-to-health

The first hurdle. There are so many…but the biggest barrier to my recovery has to be my co-dependency. I externally project everything. My pain, my self-worth, my entire existence and the value I place on myself, based entirely on how I perceive others to view me.

So there you have it. I will post updates below of my experience with this hurdle:

Update #1

My counselor said today that I have had a good turning point this week and that she’s impressed. She pointed out to me the actions I’ve taken that show that I’m starting to learn to value myself. I have been working hard this week not to externally project my issues. I guess it’s kind of working. This blog, looking after myself, managing my tendency towards idealisation and devaluation. Getting somewhere by accepting an imperfect reality.

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