Letter to aspiring web developers

From someone who was in the same position as you

Valencia by Max Rentmeester on Unsplash

I started playing with HTML around January 2016 in front of the house PC.
I had no prior programming experience but the few bits that I was doing were fun, so I continued to play.
With each step I tried something more difficult, a different language, a new framework, whatever there was to explore and play with.

Now, a year and a half later I’m employed as a remote JavaScript developer and enjoying being a digital nomad.

This letter is for everyone who is thinking of starting, or has already started, a journey into web development.
Your journey will be different from mine, but still, I hope to help you reach a similar place to where I am, and maybe one day I will read your story.

The journey into web development

A friend said to me when I started volunteer with a nonprofit in Italy.

In here, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself, cause no one else cares.

This was true for the nonprofit as it is true for you now.

It’s going to be a long and hard road, you will hit a lot of bumps and will want to quit a thousand times.

You have to build up your discipline to sit down every day and continue learning and practice, motivation can be a momentary help but it’s not going to be useful in the long run, so learn to not rely on it.
One day it will be so difficult to continue you will start to think this is not for you, and that’s when most people end their journey.

I’ve seen and continue to see an endless stream of “I tried but it was not for me” as things get more complex, but guess what, everything once you get beyond the basics becomes harder!
Excelling as a developer means to ignore failure, because you will fail countless times, as every expert in its field failed again and again to reach that level of expertise. Don’t be afraid to follow the same road.

Monotony vs Fear, pick one.

Most people want easy things, but easy things lead to a boring life.
Challenges, on the other hand, never cease to amaze. The trick is to not be scared to try.

Last year I was in stuck in the place where I was born wondering if it was going to stay like that forever.
Today I’m a developer and digital nomad, currently exploring Valencia, Spain.

Don’t be motivated by this article.
Instead, be committed to continue your journey, you can do it too.