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Examples of how to increase your app reliability

Inputs, fetches, controlled dropdowns and refs.

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What is a hook

Hooks are a new feature introduced in React 16.8 that allow you to express a local “state” without needing a React.Component to be involved.
Hooks are scoped to do one thing only, and this makes them perfect for simplifying the code heavy Components that have to be written all the time to do simple stuff (like controlling a simple input).

Default React hook

Solving the problem of sharing child state with a parent component

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Easier than setting up react with it

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Why Typescript?

Typescript offers a lot more on top of JavaScript and React.

Smaller bundles, faster apps

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Momentjs is probably the most popular library to manipulate the Date object and handle time in all its facets in JavaScript.

So easy it’s underwhelming

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It’s JavaScript with types, there isn’t much to say, other than every library will require it’s @types/library as well, but it’s very well documented and quite intuitive.

Setting up Babel 7 + Typescript

I used my own boilerplate to jump start…

Tips and tricks from someone on the other side

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Getting to the interview

The first step is always the hardest. While much depends to you, sometimes it comes down to luck.

  • make sure you know enough to make a meaningful contribution.
  • Know your value and your limits.
  • Make sure to check the company you are…

Reflections one year after getting my dream job

Home — Valencia, Spain

I did it for 2017 and it was the best choice I’ve made that year

Random sign I liked in Leuven — Belgium
  • Code a minimum of one hour every day for 100 days.
  • Log your progress by forking the official GitHub repository.
  • Share your progress on twitter daily.


My main goal with this challenge was to solidify my habit of coding every day, even when I did not want or did not “have time”. After all, I had my dozen followers on twitter rooting for me, I couldn’t let them down!

Francesco Agnoletto

Javascript developer @streamroot

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