5 Time Saving Tools for Teams

I’ve put together a few tools for teams looking to save some time in every day activities like meetings to google searches. They are organised in no particular order.

1. Do Meetings

Meetings, agendas, follow-ups… This can all be very messy! Do Meetings is aims to solve this. Prepare your next meeting agenda, create meeting notes, organise follow-ups and action points, everything in one place. It’s efficient and perfect for those who like to organise all the details.

You can use this professionally to manage small team meetings to larger organisational team meetings, this tool packs a punch and also comes available with Android & iOS apps.

Download Do Meetings from here: http://www.do.com/

2. TMetric: free time tracker

Need to keep your team efficient with their time? TMetric allows team to track the time within your team as they go across their day and week. With reports, teamviewer, billable time and tasks, tags, client and project reports and much more this is the ideal tool for anyone looking to get smart with their team’s time usage.

In case if you are already using some popular project management system like Jira, Asana, Trello, Redmine then by means of seamless integration with these systems, TMetric will make you more productive without to get used to new PM tool.

TMetric is perfect for managing the details and keeping your team in constant focus towards the vision of the overall company. Perfect for small and large teams, and it’s a free time tracker too.

Find out more about TMetric here: https://tmetric.com/

3. Todoist for Business

Todoist for Business is a new way for teams to create and assign tasks. Allowing you to keep track of all the team’s tasks and projects at any time. Create projects, assign tasks, comment on tasks, upload files and share work with your team on the go with Todoist’s iOS, Windows and Android apps.

Todoist already run such a fantastic personal productivity product that allowing teams to connect with the tool further expands one’s usage of the service. Todoist for Business allows teams to really connect over items that matter in their everyday activities.

Find out more about Todoist Business here: https://en.todoist.com/business

4. Hours Team

Another time manager, Hours aims to be a freelancer and manager’s best friend! Simply report and track projects and tasks across your day to overview time spent. Hours iOS app works fantastically offline and online to help keep you fresh on how you spend your time.

Their overall service is well managed and with Hours Cloud, you can manage your data with ease, protecting your company’s time management data. Hours is ideal for all those looking for clarity on their daily projects and tasks and how much time they dedicate. It also works well for individuals — whether it be student or freelancer.

Give Hours for Teams a go today: http://www.hourstimetracking.com/

5. Timezone.io

Want to avoid disturbing client’s sleep time? Or keep updated with remote workers/freelancers local times? Timezone.io allows you to simply find out the time anywhere in the world. Save your team members world times and see at a glance what the time for the people that matter.

After using this tool with a few individuals I commonly work with across the world this saved me huge amounts of time hunting for exact times, it’s all your team’s time in one place.

Download Timezone.io today: https://timezone.io/

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