April 2016 Review: 2K Subscribers, Birmingham & Summer

This is going to be a new segment that I think I need to keep up. I have been struggling over the last few months to working out the difference between milestones and ongoing work. Meaning I need to have some way of mapping my progress from a holistic view.

This is something I did via YouTube with July 2015, August 2015 and it didn’t keep up. But something I want to formalise in a blog format so I can revisit this every month and to help keep me on target. This is actually a blog post that Paul Minors puts out at end of every month. It’s also a great way for you to see my plans with YouTube, Medium + more.

Let’s get stuck in:

Key Statistics:

  • Videos posted: 12 new videos, that’s almost 1x every 2 days.
  • Email subscribers: 103 subscribers, with 5 issues. (launched April 2nd)
  • Medium reads: 3 new articles, 7,032 reads, 204 recommendations.
  • YouTube Subscribers: 198 new subscribers (down from 302)

Major Achievements

2,000 YouTube Subscribers.

Numbers really don’t mean anything here. They are simply a milestone for me to be even more thankful for having such a fantastic community. I am so grateful for all my subscribers who watch videos, comment, email me and speak to me about the topic I really enjoy.

For those who are unaware, my 2016 target is 5,000 subscribers, but I’m aiming to really improve my content by then. The new format to the YouTube channel will be the following:

  • 3 tutorials (review,tutorial)
  • 1 feature (topic,review,discussion)

Thank you all!

Medium progress

Medium! I’ve had such success so far with this platform, and I highly recommend everyone who is struggling with their blog to head over to this channel. I’ve made such good headway with connecting with an audience with Medium.

After using Medium this month, and having 2 posts reach over 100+ recommendations, Medium benefits with social engagement, I was able to track the engagement rates and speak to all of the fantastic peopel who share that.

As I move towards a refined system, my website www.francescodalessio.com has been moved from a Squarespace website account > Squarespace cover page account.

I’d recommend posting 3–4 articles over a month, engaging around it on Twitter, and discover whether you have a voice on Medium and the format suits your skills. It’s taken me 10 months to penetrate Medium and now I seem to get between 20–30 recommendations per post without any promotion.

Refined fitness targets

I’ve been doing 1 year of pretty much removing all bad things from my week. I retain one cheat day to maintain the consistency of the fitness and health, as a result my energy, general health and strength has increased. I’ll probably feature it in the future YouTube video.

In April, I managed to discover that I could be doing 1.5x more walking and running, and it wouldn’t compromise my daily activities. I did this and have seen great results. I’m now capturing 20–25k steps (19km+) a day against my end of March which was 12–15k a day.

Run snapshot

This has been mastered by the following:

  • A 6AM-6:15AM 3k run
  • or 545AM basketball session
  • A 7PM 8–10k run
  • 30mins extra sleep per night (total: 6:30hrs)

I find I have been needing an extra 30mins a night to recover from this, and it has effected my breakfast habits which I need to get back on track, but overall I don’t feel a massive change, I feel slightly more awake after the sessions too.

Next month, I’m going to be pushing some weight lifting, increasing my running consistency + really pushing on core work. I’ll keep you posted on Twitter.

60 days until I return…

After over 300+ days of living in Birmingham, soon I will be returning to Plymouth. I have 60 more days of living up here in Birmingham.

I’m looking forwarding to returning to Plymouth, to see family and move into a new place with my partner too. I’ll be going on two holidays during the summer, Rome & Cyprus. These should be great, I’m going to zen out a little, work on some new projects and have a long needed catch-up with my partner.

Other stuff:

At FlashSticks, we’re pushing hard on our new App so this is taking a lot of my attention, I really can’t wait for it to be released. Keep an eye out on @FlashSticks.

  • Featured in the Top 22 Tech Influencers — as you can imagine, honoured with this, thank you to the team at Meeting Mogul.
  • Writing more regularly for Despreneur articles. I write 1x every week. Follow along here.
  • (IMAGE) Me happily eating at Handmade Burger co.

Looking forward to the next 2 months, pushing hard on all fronts!

As always, thank you!

I answer every email, tweet, youtube comment because I love hearing about how you use the tools, resources and apps across your day! So honestly, drop me a line :)

Francesco D’Alessio is a productivity app reviewer, fan and user! He creates videos on his YouTube channel, blogs, articles for Lifehack.org, Despreneur and much more to help educate the world about productivity tools and resources. He’s been featured on CNET, Microsoft, Todoist’s Blog and more for his work.

Twitter: @FrancescoD_Ales

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