The Best Non-Fiction Books of 2018

Instant Classics for Your 2019 Reading List

This year, I’ve had the pleasure of Audible’ing and reading a few books that have impressed me. These books in particular reached my Top 5 of the year.

1. Multi-Hyphen Method

The first, written by Emma Gannon, titled the Multi-Hyphen Method surprised me. I was seeking a book to help me to improve the way I communicate about my “hyphened” job role to friends and family (sometimes very tricky to explain). The book explored how to adapt in today’s growing society of creators. A whole lot more than I expected. Really enjoyed this one and it instantly made an impression. Cannot recommend it enough.

Best for: Freelancers, Creators, Aspiring Creators

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2. 12 Rules for Life

Although Jordan Peterson is clouded in controversy as an opinion source. This book really helped this year. The rules themselves were well explained and the host of metaphors and explanations have helped me to apply some useful routines to my life and cull any negative ones. And especially for raising good values and morals in the future with kids and a family. Smashing read!

Best For: Young Professionals, Anyone

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3. Atomic Habits

Scooped up and read by the end of 2018, I’m glad I did get time to hear this one out. Atomic Habits is the perfect guidebook for learning about habits. From how they are created to how they can be progressed or slowed, James Clear, habit-specialist, goes deep with how you can control your life with habits, for me, one I’ll be reading again before the start of 2019.

Best For: Habit-lovers, Productivity Nuts

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4. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Reading this one in early 2018, I didn’t expect much from it, if I’ll be honest. The title felt cringey and it was a little bit of a risk to read, but Mark Manson has put together a very hard-hitting book here. Something that is a little harsher than I expected, good for committing yourself to projects, moving your life forward and challenging norms.

Best For: Professionals, Anyone

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5. MakeTime

I wasn’t expecting too much from MakeTime. I loved SPRINT, Jake Knapp and JZ’s first book. With lovely illustrations and charisma, MakeTime blew me away. The topic of the book is to make you more aware of your use of devices, how you spend your time and your life decisions around this. The personal nature at which both Jake and JZ explore this topic was so insightful and really helped me to polish off some habits and processes.

Best For: Professionals, Productivity Nuts

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What are your Top 5 Books of 2018?!

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