25 Productivity Apps to Explore in 2019

The Official 2019 Toolkit For Getting Work Done

This is the 3rd annual yearly app toolkit (view 2017 and 2018 here) and combines some of the most useful, new resources for work and productivity purposes that has caught my attention.

All of these applications are focused on getting things done.This toolkit is designed to kickstart your year, get yourself organised and begin to manage your priorities. Whether it’s spending more time with your family or you want to get that promotion, all of these apps can help you achieve that.

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Here’s all the Productivity Apps to Explore in 2019:

Hubs & Task Managers

1. Taskade (free)

This task manager + list creator is perfect for small teams looking to get collaborating on a list. With built-in video chat and even comments, this makes for a neat lightweight to-do list like experience.

  • Killer feature: Collaborate with anyone on lists (even guests)
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Web, Mac & Windows

2. TeamWeek (free for up to 5 members)

Visual project collaboration for small and large teams. Teamweek, from the chaps behind Toggl is a well-crafted way to view projects from multiple views and angles, allowing the team to get closer to the work at hand.

  • Killer feature: Project Roadmaps for team members
  • Available on: iOS, Android and Web, with Chrome Web Extension

3. Sunsama (free, up to 100 tasks)

Designed for project managers, Sunsama is a hybrid task manager and calendar application. Almost as if Trello and a Calendar had a baby.

  • Killer feature: Drag on and Assign Tasks from Sidebar
  • Available on: Mac and Web, (with mobile planned)

4. Notion (free, up to 1000 blocks)

The “all-in-one” workspace allows individuals or teams to craft their own layouts using blocks. Blocks can help you build anything at all.

  • Killer feature: Interactive blocks (tables, calendars, boards, lists)
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Web, Mac & Windows

5. Bonsai ($16 per month)

Calling all freelancers. Bonsai is an client management platform to help you keep control. Manage your projects, incoming invoices and more.

  • Killer feature: Timeline Planner for Projects
  • Available on: iOS, Android and Web

Time Shaving Tools

6. Missive (free, with pricing from $8 monthly)

Team email taken to the next level. Manage conversations from Messenger, Twitter and even SMS. And Missive even works as a great solo email tool.

  • Killer feature: Advanced Rules for Incoming/Outgoing Emails
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Web, Mac & Windows

7. Sanebox (from $7 per month)

Calm that inbox down with Sanebox. This smart email management tool helps to filter emails into the right spot with very little work.

  • Killer feature: Filter into SaneLater or SaneNews mailboxes
  • Available on: All Email Clients (even IMAP)

8. Reflectly Journal (from $2.99 monthly)

This Copenhagen start-up has re-invented digital journals with an artificial intelligence journal. Doubling up as your mental health companion.

  • Killer feature: Mood Statistics (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Available on: iOS and Android

9. Castro Podcasts (free)

One of the best podcasting tools on the market. Castro 3 is a friendly way to manage incoming episodes with an inbox. Allowing you to sort all episodes.

  • Killer feature: Inbox for new Episodes
  • Available on: iOS-only

10. SleepTown ($1.99 one-off) (from the creators of Forest)

Sleep is becoming more and more important. Respecting it can be tough. Apps like SleepTown help to build healthy habits by building your own town.

  • Killer feature: Statistics/Data (Weekly)
  • Available on: iOS and Android

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Project Managers

11. Airtable

Looking for the ultimate customisable project manager. Use it for any of your projects and invite your team to create the perfect workflow.

  • Killer feature: Airtable Universe
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Web, Mac & Windows

12. ClickUp

Up and coming star of the project management world. ClickUp offers a traditional way to plan projects, build lists and even more. Solo accounts too.

  • Killer feature: Agile Board View
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Web, Mac & Windows

13. monday.com

A combination of Trello and Airtable. The monday.com tool is becoming popular with teams who want to see projects in multiple views.

  • Killer feature: Over 40+ templates to use
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Web, Mac & Windows

14. Coda

Excel lovers and masters of Google Docs, Coda is the next BIG thing. This next level document creator combines charts, boards and much more.

  • Killer feature: Automations with Slack, Weather and more
  • Available on: Currently in Public Beta, only on Web

15. TeamGantt

Popular with Gantt lovers. This online software allows teams to discuss projects, plan each activity and even plan team workloads.

  • Killer feature: Smart Time Tracking Tool
  • Available on: iOS, Android and Web

The Smooth & Cool

16. Habitify ($6.99 on iOS, $9.99 on Mac)

Create and track your own habits using this stunning habit-tracking app for Apple users. Habitify is reliable and perfect for those 2019 routines.

17. Twist (free)

Team collaboration has never been so calm. Twist takes Slack on in 2019 with asynchronous communication that aligns to a relaxed, remote workplace.

  • Killer feature: Threads-first Communication
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Web, Mac & Windows

18. NordVPN (from $2.99 per month) (3-year plan)

Connecting to public Wi-Fi on a regular basis, or manage client data from home. Best for those looking for security and safety online.

  • Killer feature: Onion Over VPN and P2P connections
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac & Windows

19. Paper by WeTransfer (free)

Recently purchases by WeTransfer, Paper still delivers on creating the perfect sketching experience, with countless brushes, color schemes and themes.

  • Killer feature: Notebook Covers
  • Available on: iOS only, works well with iPads

20. KYO (free)

KYO is a digital journal that helps you track your timeline, photos, calendar and locations but most importantly share your feelings and emotions.

  • Killer feature: Expert Journal Templates
  • Available on: iOS-only, a popular Apple Store choice
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Ones to Watch in 2019

21. Standard Notes (free, with premium)

Standard Notes is the fight against Evernote and all other note-takers. Delivering professional-grade security to all your notes.

  • Killer feature: AES-256 encryption for all notes
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Web, Mac & Windows

22. Gooba 3 ($3.99 one-off)

Notes, notes, notes. Gooba brings iOS notes into the 21st century. Manage notes and tasks all together, with a fun, interactive layout.

  • Killer feature: Task Management Tool
  • Available on: iOS-only, with plans to add more.

23. Method (free for 30-days)

In its early days, Method delivers a simple daily planner with no loose ends. Combining agenda and tasks into a fluid viewing option.

  • Killer feature: “Backlog” for Tasks
  • Available on: Web-only, $12 per month after 30-days

24. Evernote (free)

The future of Evernote has been tough in 2018. And 2019, with their new CEO and brand vision, Evernote has the potential to be a star this coming year

  • Killer feature: The brand-new Templates
  • Available on: iOS, Android, Web, Mac & Windows

25. Shift (free)

Bringing together all of your social conversations and project management tools in one communication tool. Everything in one spot!

  • Killer feature: The Gmail App Links to Shift
  • Available on: Mac, Windows and Linux

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