Using Todoist for Professional & Personal work

Hello again,

Thanks for tuning into the VIDEO, where I go over visually and in process how to implement some of the filters, labels and tools I use to break-down using Todoist for multiple situations.

I wanted to do a more in-depth Blog post, as I know you guys love to see screenshots and more.

Reasoning behind breaking Todoist into Professional & Personal:

It’s important to remember that you have the ability to focus on one thing at a time, it’s something I’m learning everyday. I’m not saying that this is the correct option but that you have the ability to do this.
This process is allowing you to simply dissect your Todoist/task manager usage and drive focus towards one area of your lifestyle, whilst not loosing out on using one task manager across your day.

In the video, I run over some of the basics.

In this Blog Post, I want to run over some detailed actions to start applying and some suggestions of other tools you can replicate this on.

Removing the Timeline view…

Sometimes all of your tasks, all at once, is daunting.

I’m guilty of clicking on “Next 7 Days” or “Today” and being lost in how many tasks I have to do, and also seeing other projects. For me, I then tended to get visually lost and jump between tasks based the interest of each task and also priority versus focusing on the project or area I’m working on.

A solution to this is:

A potentially messy timeline of tasks, can be simplified down for you using Filters.

Simply start using “Filters” inside Todoist.
From here, I added a filter with code “tod & p: CONTENT”. This allowed me to see today’s actions that are inside the project folder called “CONTENT”. As a result I’ll get a simplistic view, allowing me to see just the tasks that relate to CONTENT today.

Here’s the view for CONTENT + TODAY ONLY, pretty easy to follow right? No distractions from other tasks….

So, in the video, I only touch on the basics.

Here’s how to go deeper with this:

Using “7 days & p:BRAND” here allows me to see the next 7 days of BRAND based activities…

Using “over due, 7 days & p:BRAND” will bring in everything in the BRAND project within the next 7 days, with overdue tasks.

Once you start mining your situations you can go much deeper with this filters feature. You can even within teams! By using:

“:to others:” as a filter query. I’ve combined this here with 7 days and project folder HOUSE.

The real goal of this is to be able to extract core tasks that you are focusing on that take you away from simply viewing the timeline.

If you want to immerse yourself in everything that’s fine, this is an additional solution.

For those non-Premium users. Go over to your PROJECT folder. Eg. CONTENT here…. “Task Actions”, “Sort by Date” and see everything in-line….

Other TOP tips for using Todoist for everything, professional & personal!

  1. Start using CAPITALS

As you can see from my Todoist, it looks like I’m shouting out way too much, this is a theory to help me next the context and content of a task within.

I’m keeping sentences to no longer than…


in length… then embedding all of the content and context to the task into the comments section of the task. See below screenshot.

Again, this is a Premium feature, but well worth your time to invest into as it has saved me lots of reading time.

Below is a example of what I mean by taking up too much SPACE…

Really, I was doing this. But even with something at this length…

“Create the new Website for”

….was getting way too long…

2. BE a QUICK commenter!

Take advantage of the Todoist for Web, Mac + PC with the new “Quick Comment” feature. It’s really FAB and will save you time in the moment of adding a task.

Other notable tools that you can use to hack in this break-down:

  • Swipes App
  • Wunderlist
  • Meistertask
  • GTD Next

Here’s the video guys if you are reading this on the train, and you’re tired…

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