Vinci Bike Travel

How a dream by two Olympians start

Vinci means ‘you win’. And that is exactly what Vinci Bike Travel stands for!

We offer a unique Italian bike experience, tailored to your wishes.

We are young, We are enthusiastic, We are Olympians and we know the great feeling of winning.

Now, it’s your time to win!


It all started in the summer of 2014. Francesco and I were riding our bikes, and had a Fanta on top of the San Baronto. I watched the view and said to him: it’s is such a wonderful experience to ride here in Tuscany, I would like to share this with others. There, on top of the mountain we started to dream. We ordered another drink and dreamed some more. The idea of Vinci Bike Travel was born.

In that period of our lives we had been thinking about the future for quite a while. The big question where we wanted to live (when you are an international couple you get this question surely once a week) still remained unanswered. But now we had a concept in mind of what we both liked to do, and with the possibility to mix both cultures in our company, we started to draft a plan. We named our company Vinci Bike Travel. Vinci, referring to the city in Tuscany that we consider our home ground, but Vinci also means `you win’.

Having all the time still, we could work on our post-Olympic future besides all training that we did. After two years of thinking, constructing and working, we are proud to be able to say that our dream is becoming reality. From April 2017 the first travels will start. Take a look at our website, subscribe for our newsletter…. and of course we hope to see you and your bike in Italy!

We had a dream, now this dream is our job.

Cheer for us