Hey Dude, i know, but again, i also know thay are not used against mobile SAM units, for two…
Tobias Rikard Bjurefjäll

Hey dude, are you simply guessing you answer? IRIS-T is certified to intercept wvr missiles, which are very small and agile,and fast as well , and cruise missiles as well; so you are totally wrong; this are IRIS-T official specs for fighter launched version.There is also ground launched version which is intended not for wvr missiles, obviosully , but for cruise missiles; S-400 long range missiles are extremely large, if you did not know…. “ It is capable of engaging the same targets as IRIS-T SL at short range, e.g. for object protection.” “ Thus, one and the same missile can be employed in two different roles, in an air-to-air and a surface-to air version.” “ IRIS-T SLM is the first system allowing 360° protection, from short to medium range, with just one missile. A wide variety of threats can be engaged within this range spectrum. Possible targets include modern fighter aircraft, cruise missiles, drones and tactical attack missiles as well as short-range ballistic missile”

You can find official source of data from official IRIS-T company page “http://www.diehl.com/fileadmin/diehl-defence/user_upload/flyer/160624_GBAD_Flyer_e_Layout.pdf

So you was totally wrong: stop guessing, you just proove your ignorance

Point 2: R“ hat they are veary easy to shoot down for point defense missiles in S-400 and the protecting pantisyr.”

Ahhh !!! You are ridicoulous ! Stand off missiles with follow-on terrain trajectory are virtually non intercetable; that is for example why kalibr, thats fly high for most of trayectory, is not a good stand off missiles; tomhawck, SCALP and TAURUS_KEPD all follow very low level trajectory, just 10 to 15 meters above ground, gflying at mach 0,8–0,9,; furthermore SCALP and TAURUS KEPD have also very low rcs; may be you dont know bur EARTH SURFACE is not flat but CURVED: so yes, s-400 radar could detect them but very last 1 to last1,5 seconds…JUs a phalanx system on NATO ships could potentially defeat them, expecially is coupled with AEGIS system, (and could muche easier destory a kalibr missiles since it has much bigger rcs and does not follow a very low level trajectory)so again, you are totally wrong…

Hey dude, R “ they are pre programed missiles, thay are not missiles that target movving targets” read official page, idiot http://www.mbda-systems.com/air-dominance/taurus-kepd-350/ “ AURUS KEPD 350E is designed to penetrate dense air defences by utilising very low level terrain-following flight in order to neutralise high-value stationary and semi-stationary targets. Its highly effective dual stage warhead system MEPHISTO, combines the capability of defeating Hard and Deeply Buried Targets (HDBT) and a blast and fragmentation capability to take out high-value point and area targets.” it is designed to hit and destroy semi-stationary targets, and area targets, if you can understand what does means… semi stationary and area targets, not only fixed point, soa gain perfect for an s400 with radar on till 20 seconds before;or do yu believe that S-400 is active when repositioning all trucks that composite system from a location to another ? Ahhhh so hilarious

Furthermore, datalinked version is officialy “ be fitted with a data-link allowing moving targets to be engaged precisely while providing feedback information to the weapon’s operator. The data-link provides with an additional capability of assessment on whether the target was engaged successfully or not. Thanks to its modular architecture Taurus can be retrofitted at low cost and risks on further developments are avoided by the way. Once released, the Taurus KEPD 350 flies at low altitude avoiding the air defenses relying upon its sophisticated navigation system. When the Taurus missile arrives to the target area its imaging IR seeker provides the critical information to carry out the final attack to effectively kill the pre-programmed target. Its long range, at least 350 km, increases launching aircraft survivability against extremely heavily defended targets where a direct attack is too dangerous.” http://www.deagel.com/Land-Attack-Cruise-Missiles/Taurus-KEPD-350_a001100001.aspx

Is that enough ? So you was totally wrong inall of your claims, and that simply reporting official specs of weapon thta yopu dont know….

40 S-400 in akliningrad ? please provide font; I know that those around moscow are much less then 20 , amnd mosyt of all not all active ….Another question: a fighter AESA can jam S-400 radar just to a limited extent, due to difference in sheer power, but that is not true vs AEGIS radar on ships…

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