Undetecability of a min-altitude missile: I’m not arguing the point, like I said the S400 doesnt…
Andrey Yanovski

Hi; ..At least we are making progress…As said it has also terminal IR seeker for accuracy vs semi stationary targets; I think version vs complete mobile targets had different software more then hardware; Obviously I don’t know if S400 need to have its radar turned on 1 minute or one hour; but S-400 radar can’t see it more then 500km away, as it cannot neither see an eurocanard with full air to ground configuration at that distance; I Don’t know taurus kepd rcs; for sure less then 0,1 ( I mean when it has been just launched from 40000 feets or above and its getting lower to terrain); S400 radar can detect a 4 square metres target almost 400km away; taurus kepd is launched from 500km up to 750km away from a platform with 1 square metres ( eurocanards in full air to ground configuration plus two external tanks rcs is 0,8–0,9), so S400 cannot detect neither fighter launching taurus-kepd…So, I said before, Best option s400 has is to remain completely inert with radar turned off.

R “ It is very vulnerable while active indeed, but it’s only active for extremely short periods of time orders of magnitude shorter that counter-radar missile flight time. So, I cannot accept that it’s totaly defenceless, because there are very specific technical facts that indicate that it’s not. It’d be really interesting if you challenged those facts with some kind of basis, instead of pure faith in the “defenseless” thesis.”

It has terminal IR seeker, and S-400 cannot detect neither an eurocanards launching a taurus-kepd, as explained before, So I have naswered you: S-400 don’t know if a taurus-kepd has been launched in those 30–40 minutes before last minute of its activity.

American approach is abit different; as theri satellites can detect S-400 even when not active just with opticla system, unless it is very buired ina forest I suppose.

Spear3 is new stand off missile to be lauched form F35: shorter ranged ,120km, but fits inside f35 bays.I suppose it would better work with heavy ECM support, like those on F18G

So dont ask me which are the protocols for launching a taurus-kepd vs an S400: I suppose that if it has its radar turned on just for one second and then remains hidden in forest no stand off missile gonna be lauched !!! But if remain active for a very few minutes or even 30 seconds, when a taurus-kep is lauched then S-400 has very high probability to be destroyed; I know that S-400 consist of many trucks, and many missile: explosion gonna be devastating and with positive economic balance ( A taurus kepd cost around 1,2 milions euros but it requires very little maintenance)…I think I have answered…Once it is launched there are very high proababilities that s-400 is lost.. Best option for s-400 is that no taurus-kepd is lauched…

Just one more aspect: long range s-400 missile is very large; IRIS-T is certified to intercept wvr missile (which are very small and agile ), it is equipped in eurocanards, likely more on defensive role; just a more apsect: in order to hunt and provoke An s-400 you can send cheap drones, not a valuable fighter flying 50km far from it….As you can see options are quite a lot…Only question is that s-400 accept to take risk of showing-up, not quite the opposite!

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