The defence of the C400 Vs missiles is not based on trying to shoot them down, it’s based on making…
Andrey Yanovski

Hi R “ The S400 is ready to fire 40 seconds after it powers up its radar.”

Sorry but taurus-kepd, as well scalp missile, has a very low rcs and furthermore travel 10–15 meters above ground, same strategy of old tornado: earth curvature prevents to detect it until may be last 3–4 kilometers

S400 doesnt need to shoot it down as it cant shoot it down; as said before taurus kepd standard version is certified also vs semi-sationary targets; phalanx defence system is the only one that works vs stand off missiles cruising 10 meters above sea level; this is almost impossible to do on solid ground; the other option you have to disabilitate low flying crusing missiles on ships are defensive lasers.

R “ he KEPD for example carries 100kg of explosives and I dont know of any cases of S400 being hit by KEPD, but I know a case of an S200 being hit by an AMRAAM missi” Sorry but try to understand that you are light years wrong…Air to air misisle have very weak detonation power,and sometimes they do not even destroy a fighter plane but simply disable it; as mentioned before detonation power of taurus kepd is higher that any stand off missile, so high that a new version with much less powerful warhead has been selected: taurus-kepd is an overkill for an s-400; (standard version was build to eradicate thermal-electric complex ad military bunker) only option s400 have is to stay quiet among woods not turning on its radar; NEVER. It is pure phisics; if you cannot accept that s-400 is totally defenceless, ONCE ACTIVE or recently ACTIVATED its radar vs western stand-off missiles cruising 10 meters above ground, it is a pure act of faith. As said there is also a taurus-kepd version ve fast mooving targets, but that is not needed vs s-400

BTWTornado fighters were built with same phisic principle in mind, has is the only fighter designed to fly at very high speed 10 metres above ground in order to disabiltate s300 batteries; obviously is arisky tactic for a fighter as it remain exposed to standard ammunition, expecially during day.

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