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My last 12 months have been spent thinking non-stop about knowledge management products and how they can be better.

Why do team knowledge hubs tend to become a dumping ground for incomplete/outdated information? Why is it so hard to create and share high quality documentation? How can I make sure people actually read what I wrote?

After a few failed prototypes and a lot of interviews with engineers, PMs, founders, ect., I think I understand what a team knowledge hub should be — let me take you on a journey… without the music unfortunately.

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  • 👊 Down with the hierarchy
  • 🧠 Knowledge…

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How many times have you written documentation that has become out of date and out of sync? Maybe you started adding markdown files to your codebase to bring your wiki closer to your code. But now you need a pipeline for converting that markdown to HTML so it’s more readable. Even if you get that working you still need a wiki for more general documentation that non-techies can add to.

To get the best of both worlds I made a GitHub App that that lets you easily connect files in your GitHub repository to documents in your wiki! …

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Why is it so hard to find the information you need at work?

Whether its meeting notes, architectural overviews or just the reasoning behind why a product is made, it’s almost never just a search away. I’d like to explore that why this is and then perhaps offer a solution.

A quick lay of the land

I’m going to focus on online editors for this article. Offline editors like Microsoft Word are great for individuals but in a team setting you can pretty much forget finding the information you need when it’s spread over dozens or hundreds of computers.

Online editors including Google Docs, Notion and Confluence are a big step forward, giving you a single source of truth for information and all the benefits that come along with it. These include features like real time editing, messaging, and version history. These products will also give you a way to organise your information, for example via folders or tags. …


Francesco Lanciana

Founder of Scribe — A scalable knowledge base for teams.

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