The Democrats are Hemorrhaging Voters for the Same Reason You’re Still Single
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

As long as people keep being fearful of social programs (social, not socialist or communist) like public healthcare and public university access, you’ll keep empowering commercial healthcare and commerial education… These things should not be for profit, but for the people, so the ‘commercial’ part in both healthcare and education are opposite to the purpose, and therefore never will be compatible.
Those death-panels republicans “warned” about when the ACA went through, already exist…. They’re called the Board of Directors at the abovementioned insttutions! They don’t care about the sick, they only care about the healthy, and only in so far they can provide profit!

Wake up Americans on both sides! Demand universal healthcare and universal education! It’s the only way that works! (At least, if you want to be considered a developed, caring society (Note that the concept of Society itself is based on being social! There’s a reason both start with “soc”) by your fellow citizens, and in the eye of the rest of the world!)

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