Glencoe, Scotland (picture by myself on Flickr)

Choose your focal point

Despite any effort you can make, your photography will never be perceived as you saw the scene with your eye and brain.

For this reason, instead of trying to recreate a carbon-copy of it, you should focus on composing the image you really want to communicate, and work in that direction by validating the result and iterating on it.

Defining your main subject, making it standing in the light and simplifying the scene is all it takes to put your focal point where you really want it to be.

In addition to that, check on Instagram, Flickr, or 500px what…

King’s Cross station — A brilliant example of architectural continuous improvement (picture by johnseb on Flickr)

If you already checked my previous article on “the essentialist developer”, then my point of view on simplification and process optimisation might be already clear. This article will expand that by focusing on cutting down unproductive noisy patterns in design thinking process and everyday web development instead of acting on the basis of disruptive changes.

On kaizen

tl;dr: A brief introduction on the kaizen philosophy. Feel free to scroll down to the next paragraph if you’re already familiar with it.

During the 60s, Japanese manufacturing export was struggling because the quality of their products was perceived as very poor from the rest…

Original picture by Paul Keller on Flickr.

I recently read a book titled “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown, a brilliant essay on living better, and produce better results, by concentrating on what is really vital instead of trying to get every-redundant-thing done.

From the Front isn’t something you can grasp or explain in few words.

Formally, it is “just another front-end conf”, but there isn’t a definition so distant from what FTF really is, and what it gives to its attendees [spoiler: the venue is a theatre].

It’s a conference about coders life and because of that, main stages have been presented by people like Jeremy Keith @adactio, Ben Hammersley @benhammersley, Christian Heilmann @codepo8, PPK @ppk, etc.

People that are flying way above the day-to-day development; who are writers, readers, open-source contributors; people that can clearly see the current and future internet…

Francesco Zaia

Born at a very young age. Now as human as Finn, dev lead, consultant, lean lover, passionate about digital art and photography.

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