[Day 2] “You can tell it’s an Aspen Tree because of the way it is” [Santa Fe day]

Today we spent the entire day in Santa Fe, obviously fascinated with Aspen trees.

“You can tell it’s an Aspen tree because of the way it is, how neat is that?” -Dylan

…And with Aspen trees comes “Neature walk” ™️ quotes, which Dylan made sure to remind us existed… 24/7

Olivia poses with aspens + reacts to Dylan, behind the camera, quoting “Neature walk.”

But in-between sleeping and being fixated on Aspens, we had a whole day on the town, a recuperation day from driving.

Eating breakfast at the Historic and Famous Santa Fe Plaza Cafe in downtown Santa Fe. Their famous Blue Corn piñon pancakes for me 🥞❣️

For me, I go to Santa Fe Every year- my family owns a time share in the middle of town and we ski around Christmas time. So for me, it’s real easy to navigate the town- but not this time…

This weekend 7/28 the Hispanic market was going on all around town, an Art festival. The second picture was taken after meeting the artist that made the sign for the contemporary Art section of the festival.

Yeah, we were lucky enough to stumble upon the town while one of the biggest art festivals was going on around the entire town. It was amazing, but it engulfed the entire town, it was unrecognizable for a frequent, like me.

My beautiful friend and streets upon streets littered with tents filled with art for the festival.

And even though we all enjoyed the contemporary art, it was important to go down the streets with the traditional Art first.

Dylan, Ashton + a traditional art booth at the walkway in front of the governors palace

Also, it was Sunday. And in a primary catholic town, with church bells ringing, mariachi playing, and parades passing us by while we ate breakfast- it was an extremely special time to be in Santa Fe.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi + Mariachi in the Plaza
Me + duck (my favorite meal Stratton makes me). Olivia with foxes 🦊
The girls + things that fly. 🕊🐝🐓 a chicken for my chicken obsessed muma (miss you dearly 🧡)
Olivia with the Artist that made the Pueblo wood art she purchased for her father. What a thoughtful daughter ♥️
Can’t escape those Aspens…

But you better bet your horses that we didn’t spend all of our time roaming the festival streets, we went to my favorite places around the town. My favorite shop (the rainbow man), and my favorite chocolate store were the first stops of the day.

Shopping at the Rainbow Man, a favorite shop of mine but also a historic building. Meetings for the Manhattan project would take place here before testing the atomic bomb further out into the New Mexican dessert.
Dylan is M-A-D that I made him take a picture before consumption

But quickly after the morning on the town it was time to walk back to our Pueblo and rest, otherwise, it wouldn’t really have been a “recuperation day.” However, for the avid shoppers, Olivia and I went back out to grab a couple things ♥️

Ice cream to eat and Churches/Cathedrals to see.

After our extra excursion on the town It was time to hit the mountains ⛰!! Going up to Santa Fe National Park is a very fun mountainous drive, and definitely less scary when there isn’t snow covering it.

But first, Dylan <the cook> made his ladies dinner ♥️🌻!

Flatbread, potatoes, eggs and avocado. A camping staple

…. and with John Denver playing, halfway up the Rocky mountains, the pine forest turned into…

…an Aspen forest.

And choosing between hiking up or down, we decided to hike up the side of the mountain [ugh] following a beautiful (freezing) stream.

Creating my hiking bouquet 💐 and finding friends along the way 🍄

And by some crazy, serendipitous luck of the draw, we finished hiking right when it started raining. Getting a beautiful sunset and drive down the mountain.

Back at the Pueblo, with flowers to press, and a car to pack, it was a beautiful end to a non-driving day!!

Off to Zion National Forrest tomorrow


-Gracie 🌻