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From religion to cultural norms, mental health has been in the closet far too long.

One of my father’s brothers took his own life. The family never spoke about it or about him. I know a few scant details, only what I was brave enough to ask. I know he…

Yes, you can be happier if you stop thinking life happens to you

It’s easy enough to feel life happens to you, but real freedom comes from embracing the “for you” attitude.

The most obvious and recent example is the pandemic. Not one person has been unaffected by this global occurrence. That is a unique situation, in which everyone experiences a life-impacting event at the same time.

The degree of impact happens at varying levels, depending upon where you live, your family…

The fine art of death cleaning


No, this is not a new IKEA offering, car, or music app. This term, translated to English, is Death Cleaning.

If you’ve ever been tasked with clearing the house following the death of a parent or a grandparent, you know what I mean. …

A tongue in cheek listicle for staying stuck and unhappy

You know the saying, misery loves company? It’s true. If you’ve got a positive disposition, you’re likely not going to stick around for the pity party of the habitually miserable people. …

Hint — Look for the moments

A good day, a good life? What’s your measuring tool? Moments, minutes, or milestones? How about connections or conversations? A meeting of the mind?

So often the tendency is to wait for the big events, the notable occasions, or the awards, while totally missing…

What part of the story is yours to tell, and what isn’t?

Have you ever stopped to consider who your writing impacts and if your subject and the stories you choose to include need to be carefully managed? …

Once you know, change gets easier

Little is as it was, that’s simply a fact of life, whether it’s at the personal or global level, life is change.

Change can be unsettling, but there are ways to feel more at ease, safe and happy even when there’s whirlwinds around you.

Take the current job situation and…


It’s time to quit your old subconscious, outdated behaviours

If you’ve grown up in a major metropolitan centre, then a diverse population is given. However, there’s also a wide swath of people who haven’t, people like me that grew up in very white, very small communities and with no interactions with people of color.

Regardless of where you’ve come…

Thank you, just thank you. It was such a relief when I stumbled over a couple of your pieces. Your writing made me smile and want to share it, which I did. Then I got to have conversations with friends and family who also appreciate great writing. And inspired me to write something that I shared on LinkedIn, because I wanted to start more conversations.

To me, that's what writing does and content doesn't. It provokes thoughts and new ideas, it's conversation worthy.

Instead of churning out something every day, I'm just going to keep writing things I hope will have meaning for others.

And, as a final note, the fact that you're an anti-racism writer dove tails nicely with a group I belong to who are studying together about how to be allies. Now I get to share your writing with them. Yay!

One is a lot more satisfying than the other

There are two ways to getting to the life you want to live. You can define it by what you don’t want or by what you do want.

For way too long I made choices based on what I didn’t want. It went something like this:

  • You don’t want to…

Frances Hickmott

Speaker/Author-self-leadership, resilience & mindset. Story Finding Wizard for personal development & entrepreneurs My book: Journey to Joy

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