Fran Hooley (Lecturer in Technology Enhanced Learning) and Pete Causey-Freeman (Lecturer in Healthcare Sciences) launched a 15 credit course Introduction to Programming in November 2019 as part of a new online PG Cert in Clinical Bioinformatics. The following reflections on the course focus on building engagement within online teaching and how the course tried to ensure students were supported.

Whilst reviewing our content from the Introduction to Programming distance learning course we delivered last year, Pete and I started to see some key themes on engagement emerging. As this is one of the key things that many in H.E. are focusing on for the new academic year we thought we’d share some of our lessons learned. We’ve also linked to resources and tools at the end of this article that might help others to build engagement in their online courses too.

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Introductory materials on the course

About the course

When beginning to plan the Introduction to Programming course, our first step was to understand who our learners would be and what they’d want. On reflection this was the most important step of all. By putting ourselves in the learners’ shoes really helped pin point how to engage with them and keep them motivated. …


Fran Hooley

Lecturer in Technology Enhanced Learning at University of Manchester

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