I’m The Girl You Almost Marry

Let me assess the situation here,

We’re in a chapel at a town we grew up in, everybody’s here all dressed to the nines. Our friends and family and everyone in between; and I’m honestly surprised at the turn out.

There are red roses in great contrast to the white hydrangeas placed on every isle. Lace garlands hanging from the ceiling making it look like a dream.

In a matter of minutes they are going to call us in, and the worst part is I haven’t seen you yet. The doors are closed and then all we have to do is wait. I honestly don’t see the point in crying, I mean, we’ve been practically dreaming of this moment our whole lives so why, in the name of all that is holy should I shed a tear and ruin my impeccable make up?

It wasn’t until the entourage comes in and I see you, standing in front of the altar, looking at me with your eyes like fireworks; bright, dazzling and full of sparks. I am electrified, A shiver runs through my spine and jolts me awake.

I realize that I love you like a fire, and your eyes are welling up. I wanted to kiss away your tears but I can’t do anything. I see your mother and she smiles at me in understanding;

Here I am, sitting two rows from the front isle, clapping and smiling. Your bride is walking, how elegant. How beautiful can she be? I mouth, it’s okay. My chest feels cloudy and my vision is swimming. The priest proceeds, and I hold on to my resolve, i’ll hold my peace.

You’re marrying the girl of your dreams. And it’s okay; we’re okay. This is the way it’s supposed to be.

Your sister squeezes my hand and asks if I’m fine, all I could think of saying is,

I guess everyone do cry at weddings.

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