IA#4: Museum Visit 1

National Museum of the Philippines
RECUERDO DE PATAY (MEMENTO MORI) OF A CHILD by Simón Flores y de la Rosa (1896) Oil on canvas

I think that this painting shows both peace and sorrow; peace because the baby seems to be at ease and just sleeping and. sorrow because of the death. The painting also shows the people that life is short and we should enjoy it.

Portrait of Ramon Magsaysay (1907–1957) as President (1956) Pedro V. ConicondeOil on canvas

This painting conveys the message of how the simpleness and kindness of the late President Ramon Magsaysay touched the hearts of the Filipinos. This painting translates his simplicity and through his trademark barong. You could also see the kindness in his face.

Landscape (Factories) (1969) Andres Cristobal Cruz (oil on canvas)

In this painting, the factories are greater that the trees but also the field is still green unlike today and with that I think that the message is that factories can change the environment. The fields today are not as green as in the painting and the factories are rapidly eating up the fields and trees.

Altar de San Francisco (1989) Manuel Baldemor (oil on canvas)

This painting celebrates the design of the altar. It also translates how grand and elegant the altar is. The type of painting used was not of in the traditional side but it is still beautiful. The bright colors conveys happiness.

Sunset in Intramuros (1979) Federico Aguilar-Alcuaz (oil on board)

I think that this painting shows how peaceful, calm and beautiful the sunset in Intramuros is. It also shows the generation today how Intramuros looked before and without much pollution. It also looked a bit dark compared today because before there are no traffics and malls and billboards which can contribute to light pollution.

Rural Scene (Pampanga) (1949) Cesar Buenaventura (oil on canvas)

This painting showcase the simple life in the province. Not so much noise compare to the city. This also shows how peaceful life in the province is. Clear water, fresh air, calming chirp of birds…

Rural Scene (After the Rain) (1948) Serafin Serna (oil on canvas)

This shows that after the dark times or the rain, a light or the sun will show the way. It is true that it is calm before the storm but sometimes it is also calm after the rain. After the rain you could relax and feel the cold air turn to warm air. After the rain you could finally let go of the dark times and enjoy the bright warm sun.

The Burning of Manila (1942) Fernando Cueto Amorsolo (oil on masonite)

This shows how the Americans bombed the Manila to overthrow and scare off the Japanese. The painting shows two sides the dark chaotic side and the bright and a bit calm side. The dark side shows how the chaotic, helpless, and frantic the people are. The other side shows the bright sun and a bit peaceful waters.

Inside of the National Museum of the Philippines (Felix Hidalgo & Juan Luna’s paintings)
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