HCDE Device Prototyping Blog

My Initial Reaction and my Experience:

My first reaction after moving from the littleBits kit to then generating my prototype was not as difficult as I had anticipated it to be. I have never created a prototype before nor had I ever worked with littleBits, but going through the tutorial and even just getting to work with each product and experiment with them, made it much easier to start creating my prototype. The major steps were getting to know what each input did and how the outputs and inputs went together. Then, from there, we had to find the right outputs that went with our scenario/research question and what outputs would also create a solution to the question/problem in our project.

These are some of the many Inputs and Outputs to Choose from

What went well? What didn’t?

I think that there were a lot of inputs that could have worked perfectly for our project therefore it was very useful that there a lot of options open for us to have. For example, there were sound sensitivity senor inputs, temperature sensors (which I used), light and dark sensors, mp3 players, and a timer sensor input I could incorporate into my sprint. I also think another thing that went well was that my partner and I had little to no trouble transitioning to going straight into prototyping, despite the fact we had never done it before. It was very fun getting to be able to play around an experiment with them. Something that could have gone better was maybe being a little more creative with it or at least try and incorporate multiple types of inputs and outputs together. For example, my first idea was to use just one input and output plus the power source, but when walking around and seeing other people’s ideas, I realized that added more inputs would increase my prototypes uses and make it better.

This was one of my first/initial ideas for my prototype

Link to my Final Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI8wTd3sOuY

A similar depiction of what my Final Prototype looked like

My reflection on First Time Prototyping:

Overall I enjoyed this sprint very much. It was a great experience overall and because it was my first time using littleBits and prototyping; I was able to learn a lot. One problem I encountered was maybe oversimplifying my prototype too much and not incorporating that many inputs to my prototype. In the end I decided to use/have 5 inputs and 2 outputs. I used a temperature senor input with a threshold input, along with a light output that would flash when threshold temperature was met, along with a timer input, an mp3 player and a speaker that would output a buzzer to alert the user that they left the stove on. In retrospect, I think this concept/design is much better than my initial design of one output and one input. Figuring out how to create the prototype was not that difficult to figure out with the tutorial for littleBits, I think it was thinking outside the box that was the challenge.

Did You Ever get Stuck? What did you do that helped?

Once I had picked my scenario and problem, and it was time to start creating my prototype, I had many ideas. But, later one once I realized that most of them were very simple and could use some work/expanding I got a little stuck. The most helpful thing I did that helped me figure out more ideas for my prototype were to think of things I would want/look for in a design, had I been in the users shoes. I then started to think of much more different types of inputs I could use together for my prototype and was able to create a much more diverse and helpful design for my prototype. It helped a lot to think if the things I would want in a design/ the things I would want the design to do if I were looking for a product to help me remember to turn off the stove.