I wanted to run away. Wanted to the place where it can calms my soul. Where it can fix my head in making a decsision. Where it can make my heart beats normally.

Somewhere I can hear crashing of the waves. Leaving a foot mark as I walk pass by. Where the winds kissed my skin, coldly. And as I wake up in the morning, the streak of rays will greet me.

In that place with the blue ocean where no one will recognizes my weaknesses. No one can not recognizes my puffy eyes.

The Blue Ocean where I can dive, til dawn. Where As I get out of the water, the tears will mix in the salt. And the memories will firmly pull by the water as their leave in the sea shore.

But I can’t move a little bit. I can’t utter a goodbye. And I can’t closed, even a second, my eyes.

Because your Blue Eyes’ hypnotizing my reality turning into fantasy. Save me.

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