Illustration by Dragana Krtinic

This article was originally published on Dribbble

As companies continue to embrace the work from home lifestyle, UX research methods like remote usability testing have become more relevant than ever.

While remote usability tests share a lot of similarities with its in-person counterpart, remote usability tests require more preparation and planning, especially in setting up the tools you use. This can be tough, especially when it’s your first time conducting a remote usability test.

To help eliminate some of these challenges, I’ll be sharing five tips that have helped me run more effective remote usability tests.

Radostina Georgieva’s Brand Illustration Exploration for a Fin Tech Company
Radostina Georgieva’s Brand Illustration Exploration for a Fin Tech Company
Illustration by Radostina Georgieva

This article was originally published on Dribbble

You’ve seen the bright whimsical illustrations decorate the pages of your favorite digital products — Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Slack, Intercom, and plenty more.

Welcome to the era of Product Illustration — where illustrations are not only used for ornamental purposes, but also for humanizing the user experience.

With the evolving role of illustration in the tech industry, Product Illustration has become popular among illustrators and aspiring illustrators alike. But because Product Illustration is relatively new, it’s harder to find many resources to help you get started. …

Picture this. You open Twitter and start scrolling through your feed. Suddenly, you see one of your design heroes publish his or her latest article on a blog. Because you admire the designer, you click on the article and begin reading once the page has loaded. “Yes! Yes! Yes! This designer’s absolutely right! And goddamn smart too!” you tell yourself as you read the article. When you’re done reading, you go back to your Twitter feed. You continue scrolling until you find another piece of design content to consume.

As designers, most of us tend to keep up-to-date with the…

Krystal Lauk

Meet Krystal Lauk, owner of San Francisco boutique agency Krystal Lauk Studios. Krystal has illustrated for tech companies such as Facebook, Uber, Google, and Intercom. Her works are also recognized by American Illustration, the Society of Illustrators, and 3x3 magazine.

Here’s a run through of Krystal’s journey into tech illustration and how metaphors are used to communicate abstract ideas.

Could you tell us about yourself and how you got started in illustration?

I’m the owner of Krystal Lauk Studios, so I provide art direction, and I also illustrate.

In terms of how I got started, I always knew that I wanted to do illustration, but it wasn’t an easy path. I originally started…

3 people working together to create illustrations for a digital product
3 people working together to create illustrations for a digital product
Illustration by Frances To

Originally published in the Dribbble blog

You’ve seen these illustrations in your favorite digital products — floating bright-colored people greet you as you browse through the web pages of Slack. Whimsical characters rendered in fluid brushstrokes grace the landing pages of MailChimp. Vectorized cars appear on the screen as you book a ride through Uber.

As a fresh graduate, I was eager to work at a product company and kickstart my design career. First Circle provided me with that opportunity. Now, I’ve been working there as a product designer for 2 months.

There’s so much I don’t know about product design yet, and that’s what makes working at First Circle interesting — each week, I get to learn something new, whether it’s facilitating an ideation session or designing a password reset flow.

Here are four things I’ve learned so far, and each month, I hope to learn more.

1. You’ll never learn unless you ask questions.

Get your work out there and rack up experience

Illustration by Frances To

This article is Part 3 of a series on how you can get started with illustration.

Previously, I shared tips on how to draw in Part 1 and how to overcome creative blocks and find inspiration in Part 2. Now, you’re looking forward to starting your own illustration project and gaining experience as an illustrator, but how do you do that?

9. Start a passion project to unlock opportunities

Passion projects carry a secret superpower — they can get your foot in the door into whatever field you want to break into, including illustration. …

Getting past creative blocks and finding inspiration

Illustration by Frances To

This article is Part 2 of a series on how you can get started with illustration.

Now that you’ve learned a few tips on how to draw from Part 1, you’re ready to start practicing your illustration skills. But sometimes you can’t start illustrating because you don’t know what to draw. You rack your brain for ideas, but your mind remains a blank canvas. Sound familiar?

Creative blocks happen when we can’t find the inspiration to fuel our creative work. They can happen to anyone — amateurs, professionals, and even illustration enthusiasts like you. …

Start with the basics and learn how to draw

Illustration by Frances To

“I want to learn illustration. Where do I begin?”

You may have asked yourself this question at some point in time. You also may have done a bit of drawing but you might wonder about whether you’re on the right track or not.

Truth be told, starting out in any field is always difficult. I myself struggled with illustration when I first started and I made many mistakes along the way. Luckily, I’ve had mentors and experiences that guided me toward the right path.

Thanks to this guidance, I won an Honorable Mention in the illustration category at the Adobe…

Illustration by Frances To

We all make mistakes. We do it in our careers, our relationships, and even in our personal lives. And I am no exception.

Ever since I started taking illustration more seriously last 2018, I had my share of ups and downs as an illustrator. I won competitions and had my works exhibited (Sulyap: 9th Ateneo Heights Artists Workshop Exhibit), but there were also times when I realized that I still have a long way to go and a lot more to learn.

Thankfully, the most valuable lessons I learned in illustration didn’t come from my successes but from my failures…

Frances To

Co-founder & Chief of Staff @ UX+ University

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