Feminism in the Music Industry. Need I say more?

Ok fine: The Bullshit that is the Music Industry in 2017.

After much thought, I decided that I need to write an article about the infinite times I’ve been discriminated against in the music industry. So here I am

About how I’m consistently mistaken-ed as a groupie. Which is everything I’ve said I’m “on x list” and they need to text/call someone to very.

I’ve been to all the LA clubs (Exchange, Control, etc.), to all of the huge festivals: Coachella, EDC, every bullshit high end festival where the security asks every white man for NOTHING (literally, MAYBE ID) and every woman for non-existent paperwork 10 times over. And you know what a white man does when I tell him about the situation? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Because it doesn’t effect him. Must be nice.

To continue the laundry list about how women of color are treated:

About how no one listens to my ideas, because I am a woman.

I’ve worked in this industry since 2004, which was my first internship at Capitol Records.

About how the WHITE MAN hired two years after me was given DOUBLE the bonus (for maybe 5–6 months work) but the ‘geniuses’ at the company didn’t notice that get all of the accounting details emailed to me, which is how I found out.

How I’m not taken seriously in most business settings because I’m not respected, I’m there to look pretty. I would require more pay for that.

‘About how I’m never given credit for my work, because I am a woman. I’ve literally been on emails where the manager “created” a body of work and then took full credit for it. NOPE.

About how men are seriously listened to, infinitely more, because they are male, I am a female.

About how I’m consistently mistakened as a groupie, because I am a woman.

About how I’m assumed as “someone’s” girlfriend, because I am a woman.

About how an artist asked me for a massage within days of him meeting hims, because I am a woman.

About how none of the people I worked with flinched when I told them about this, because I am a woman.

The times I wasn’t invited to meetings for being WHITE and/or MALES, “why would I be included?” because I am a woman.

Because I’m not respected, period, because I am a woman.

I can give you infinite amount of examples: I am almost 32 and I have been dealing with this since I was 18 years old.

The list goes on and on. I’ll add to it time goes on.

Dear people who think I should just leave it and forget about it, please go fuck yourself. KTHXBYE.

If you want to do something about it, then Fucking DO it. We have an idiot “President,” what have you got to lose?