Amazon Prime Day 2017 Sales Grow 60%!

Following up on my article from yesterday:

Turns out the American consumer does want their gallons of glue and bamboo pillows — and a hell of a lot more. While Amazon didn’t provide hard sales numbers, they did say that overall year-over-year sales were up 60%, the number of Prime members who made purchased was up 50% — and maybe most importantly, they gained more Prime members in this single day than any other day in the company’s history. Their best selling item was the Echo Dot and the Fire tablets and Kindles also saw record sales. I’d say they crushed it.

As for did I miss anything — probably not, I only searched for 10–15 minutes and when I wasn’t blown away I moved on. I’d love to find out how many minutes people spent on average searching for sale items — and also how much shoppers spent on average. At the end of the day I’m not surprised the sales numbers were so impressive. Amazon’s marketing is genius and their reach is incredible — they’ve truly changed the way we shop for most of the things that we regularly buy and that’s what’s really impressive.