How to stay motivated when you feel like you’re running in circles

This has been a tough year for many. A President elected whom most don’t believe in, uninspiring dates, difficult work situations, money worries. These are just my problems. Some days as I try to find love, grow internally in a more self-actualized person and land an amazing gig, I am weary. I feel tired, and over myself. I wonder why I work so hard, and don’t seem to get the results I am looking for. I wonder why people tell me I am great, but won’t commit. All I can control is me. I am writing more, being vulnerable, activating my network and trying therapy. I am far from perfect, but I am making progress. Here are a few things I’ve learned this year.

1. Remember you’re worthy.

Each person has a multitude of gifts to share. You simply have to find those that see yours and places that support you in showcasing them. People should feel lucky to be in your presence, and you should find the good in all.

2. Stick to the plan.

I realize I need to have a goal and create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals to support the overarching objective. This takes time, patience and diligence but I notice I am calmer, more rationale and more in control with this new habit.

3. Start with the positive, and hang with positive people only.

Not everyday or situation is a dream, but keeping the light in front and being forward thinking helps mood and energy immensely.

4. Take feedback to heart, but don’t let it break your heart.

Always improve but never complain, never explain. Learn, motivate and move on. No one has the right to steal your shine and you should focus on motivating others to shine.

5. Think about what got you excited as a child and do that everyday.

Not each day will feel like Christmas morning, but you should feel inspired by personal and professional projects. Focus on your talents and do what makes you feel powerful.

6. Keep going no matter what but remember to rest.

Self-care is not selfish. Its ok to stay home. An organized life leads to a calm mind. Slow down and get away from machines. Read. Get outside. Spend time with loved ones without a device in hand or a destination in mind.

7. Simplify.

Clean out the closet. Spend more time at home in quiet reflection. Get rid of that which doesn’t bring you joy. Forgive the past and create the future of your dreams.