It is quite possible to earn money from the comfort of your house as a freelancer. And this is the reason people become freelancers. While not every freelancer can call themselves successful, there are five essential freelancing tools with which you can guarantee your progress.

Read with us to beat it as a freelancer!

  1. Essential freelancing tool: Inosocial

Managing social media accounts is one of the most popular and well-paid jobs among freelancing communities. But as rewarding it is, this job is highly time and energy-consuming. A social media manager must manage several accounts across several social media and keep…

Have you ever paid attention that the influx of a variety of technologies is taking place rapidly in recent years?

We inhabit a new technical era with the number of scientific achievements announced everyday. It has been a long time since Internet has changed our lifestyles considerably. Meanwhile, the penetration of smart devices has increased to the extant that surviving without them is impossible. Due to this reason Internet technology surpass and leads to the appearance of Internet of things technology. It is one of the most significant processes of innovation in the information technology world.

What is IOT, and how does it work?

The idea of the…

Social media has become the inseparable part of everyone’s life that you can hardly find a young person who doesn’t use social media. Researches show that one-third of household items are purchased online, and 69% of adults buy something online every month.

We easily google whatever we need on Google, which is the good part, and we use emails to communicate with our friends, family, co-workers, companies, etc. Also, We have seen many advertisements popping on the screen or at the end of a video during the time we are enjoying being on social media, In addition, Companies use social…

The success of every business revolves around customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction. Let’s imagine you know how to convert leads into customers or provide excellent customer service, but are looking for techniques of gaining new prospects in the first place.

Stay tuned!

Here, I’ve listed some of the methods you can employ to find new prospects online more quickly.

1. Clearly explain what you do

You need to provide a concise and transparent description of your field of activity including the type of service(s) or product(s), how you can help people, and what benefits your customers will get when buying…

Among all the statistics and data Google Analytics gives you, bounce rate can be quite confusing. Different websites have different bounce rates. Knowing why a website’s bounce rate is high, needs further search and examination. To understand the bounce rate of a website, we first need to see the conditions of different parts of our site and spot their strength and weak points.

What is Bounce rate?

Bounce rate points to the percentage of single-visits from your website. Single-visit happens when a user is led to your website and leaves from the very page without visiting other pages of the website. In real-world, bounce…

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