Francine Gregory

Francine Gregory #Realtor for #Sacramento, enjoying #art, #architecture, #music, #technology and the #beach. #MostBlessed

What I know about me . . .

As long as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed art, architecture, music and water. Art includes photography, sculptures, paintings and more. My ear for music includes everything from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Mali Music. I am fascinated by beautiful buildings and I can and will live on a beach all day. I enjoy a good book and my favorite is the bible.

April 23, 2015 —

Its time to jolt my life —
Jolt : To disturb. To shock. To interfere with abruptly. To shake things up.

Today I will interfere with the way things have always been. Today I will disturb the usual. Today I will shock and shake things up just when thought you knew me.