Maximize Opportunities and Leverage Experience — with a New Age Crypto Trading Platform

There are a number of ways crypto traders can now compound their trading earnings, by simply going about their everyday business, with the help of Covesting.

Covesting is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform with a number of new and exciting features that enhance the trading experience, for both new comers and the old timers. In fact, Covesting have used the varied levels of skills of traders to their advantage to create a win-win scenario where all can benefit.

Pro Traders

Experienced and high performing traders have the opportunity to become trading rockstars. By publicly sharing their trading portfolio, and boasting their successes they can amplify their profits by gaining followers. When they allow a fellow trader to follow them, the follower then automatically copies their trades. When a trade is successful the pro-trader incurs an extra 18% profit of whatever their followers gained from following them. The amount of followers is unlimited, so the skies the limit!

This also provides the opportunity to build an ‘Industry Identity’ should you want to… which may lead to further opportunities down the road.

Beginner Traders

This one kind of explains itself, you get to copy a pro and learn from their experience. If they win, you win. If they lose, the 18% success fee is not taken from you, however you will lose in the trade same as them. As a beginner with no prior experience you obviously have a much higher chance of profit then you would without them, at least initially while you develop your own skills.

In order to develop your own skills, the platform provides a ‘Crypto Intelligence Portal’ where there is a free academy of educational resources, trading tips and tricks, relevant and up-to-date news to stay on top of trends, real time market cap information (everything you need know to make educated trading decisions). As a trader improves they may choose to share their portfolio and open the doors for others to join in their successes. With enough of a proven track record, anyone can become a pro/trading rockstar.

Covesting COV Token

The COV token obviously holds value, so hodlers — particularly early adopters, including those not trading within the platform, have the opportunity to profit as the adoption of the token increases with the launch of the official and final version of the platform this year. Furthermore, Covesting won’t be releasing anymore the COV token, which will increase the demand and value as the popularity of the exchange & trading platform expectedly expands.

The COV token facilitates all fees within the platform, and by choosing to pay with COV tokens users get 50% off.

Refer Your Friends to Earn % of their fees — Forever!

In addition, you can increase your earnings by participating in Covestings referral programme; the more friends you invite to join the platform, the greater profit you will receive, anywhere up to 40% of trading fees paid by your referrals.

So there you have it, a handful of ways to maximise your earnings by simply trading as normal, while at the same time enjoying the added benefits of the finest technology, tools, the highest standards in security and safety (being DLT licensed), along with a clear and smooth user interface making for an unparalleled user experience.

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