Speeding Up NerdWallet 🚗💨

Time To Visually Complete (3G)

Removing Unused Global CSS/JS

I’m not going to point fingers but ☝ is a problem. A real, real problem.
  • 50kb (gzipped) of JS (190kb parsed) removed
  • 30kb (gzipped) of CSS (200kb parsed) removed

Web Font Optimization

Server Side React Render Cache

Psuedocode of a least-recently-used cache around renderToString
Nearly 50% reduction in overall server side render pre/post

Centralized Build Tool

Example of the interface producing a ready-to-go browser webpack config


Lazyloading an image with a low-res placeholder inlined.


At this point `CodeSplitRoute` is just a normal React component 👍

CDN in front of nerdwallet.com

Time to first byte (milliseconds)
All critical assets are downloaded faster 🚗💨

Asset Prioritization

Building a Culture of Performance

Site-wide 3G SpeedIndex (via https://github.com/parshap/speedcurve-data)


  • Inline CSS under a minimum threshold via Google’s Nginx pagespeed module
  • Improve our image processing pipeline — support requiring an image require('../my-image.png')from within JS and generate responsive image sizes either at build or on the fly
  • Service Workers for better offline support
  • Upgrade versions of some of our key packages (webpack 4, React 16)

Software Engineer

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Francis John

Francis John

Software Engineer

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