Day three marked the end of the home session aspect of the Andela Bootcamp programme and I was especially thankful for it.

It started just like every other day with a ray of intrusive light illuminating my room from the window. I could hear two of my neighbours generator droning on. They had been on all night, adding inflammatory feelings to my headache and the frustration of not being able to get my codes to pass the test cases. In fact it was the sound that woke me from my nap, which brings me to the reason I was thankful earlier. The third day afforded me a moment of rest and I intend to maximize it to the fullest. As I was reliably informed, the coming days ahead would be tougher and I ought to be prepared for it.

I don’t have much to log today though, except to lament again on the absence of power supply and to outline the steps I took in solving the day’s tasks. In one of the tasks I was instructed to design a simple front end user interface using HTML and CSS. I have an intermediate knowledge on both markup and styling languages, so designing the application wasn’t as tasking as the previous assignments.

I started by creating a mock-up image of the application using a photo editing software. Then, I mapped out the required layers, created the necessary HTML elements and linked them up to a style sheet file I created for the purpose of styling the elements. I was done with the application in a matter of minutes and saved enough time to catch up some sleep before I embarked on my next learning adventure.

Before I forget, I received some feedback on the previous tasks from my BFA. It was holistically constructive and positive. They reflected areas I have improved on and areas I needed to work on. Overall, I seemed to moving in the right direction and I intend to keep that way for a very long time..