Let’s see if you still think that after Trump gets to appoint a judge or three.
Ben Mathis

I hear you Ben, I was drinking a bit of whiskey last night when I wrote that post, if that explains anything. The power of the Court is greater than any other branch, and with only 9 members that are appointed for life the potential for disaster is real. I think it has worked exceptionally well for us so far, but it isn’t necessarily always gonna be like that.

I wouldn’t be too worried about Trump though, he’s in perpetual self destruct mode and appears to be bringing the Republican party with him. 30-35% of voters will love him no matter what he does, but he won’t be president. I think he’s just setting up his career as a right-wing talk radio/Fox News pundit (I think the most damning info in his tax returns is what shows he’s not so rich and probably buried in debt).