The government isn’t a computer system
Jeremy Miller

Jeremy, The “election laws" he’s talking about is the BCRA or “McCain Feingold" campaign finance reform law that was overturned by the Citizens United decision. Republican senators are being unprecedentedly obstructionist like you say because they know that the only chance to save Citizens United (and keep real unlimited money from actual bad people in politics) is if they block Garland and get a Republican elected to the Whitehouse. Author knows they are being obstructionist, no shit. He’s explaining why they are being obstructionist - something you didn’t notice or realize was the big issue. I think the rest of his post fits into that category too. America is more like a complex computer network than you realize, and if you can’t see how than it’s a big issue… maybe this guy’s just way smarter than you. Did you notice the literal part of the story, that he was hired to fix an unfixable network with servers on both sides of the country and 50 engineers working for him. Yah I think he actually did put some thought into this post and may understand what’s going on, and actually get Bernie better than you do.