You seem to know a lot about voodoo.

The democratic party wasn’t and isn’t dying…we’re poised to get a dem president in office after a 2 term dem president. That hasn’t happened with either party since Reagan/Bush I. I was just responding because you said a month ago “we know he can’t win” but yesterday Bernie himself said that he’s pushing to flip the superdelegates and get the nomination. Maybe you know he can’t win, Bernie knows he can’t win, but he’s still trying to convince his followers that he can — at the expense of Hillary and to the benefit of Trump — and many of them believe he can win. This is hurting progressive causes more than it’s helping them in my opinion.

I don’t know what you meant about voodoo, but I’ll take it as you had nothing relevant to say so you tried to insult me instead. There was a poll that said 20% of Bernie supporters would go for Trump. If Bernie had bowed out a month ago and started helping to set the record straight on Clinton to his supporters instead of doubling down on his attacks, I believe that 20% number would be lower today. Doesn’t seem like too crazy of an assumption to me. It is the point that Hillary supporters and the democratic party have been trying to make since NY and PA clinched her the nomination.

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