Not a very nice man

My ex man used to video tape us having sex without my consent. That was not a very nice move. He told me no one will ever see, and I didn’t know I had a word on it. Was I giving somebody else control over my sexuality? and why would I do that?

Should I ask myself then if once you sleep with someone are you giving them permission to take pictures also? Take my picture, no one will ever see. My boyfriend doesn’t like taking pictures, so I sent him one just to explore, but he lost his cellphone and my picture end up in the posession of a pig who made every possible move for me to know he had seen my picture. Of course a girl feels violated, of course I felt ashamed. It wasn’t only about me being naked but rather because I never gave my consent about it. So in this fast lane, digital world, is it crime to send a nude pic? Or is it that once you take it you have already lost the rights of your own picture, of your own intimacy? So am I right about being mad because that guy published something that wasn’t meant for him? He was not a very nice man.

On the other hand, my boyfriend likes to watch nudes pics of girls that his friends sent him through whatsapp but he wouldn’t want me to post one picture of myself (not that I want). I asked him how is it any different? Don’t I decide who can ultimately see my body?

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