The American Left Sucks At Collaboration
Caitlin Johnstone

Thanks, Caitlin. With you 100% — we really don’t have time for it. Onward and upward. The next green economy and a massive clean energy transition is calling loud and clear. The stupid arguments that delay that global necessity are compounded by the equally-stupid pundits who trumpet a call for endless war based on false premises.

Maybe the mudslinging on factual information has been happening for as long as monied interests have been around, but IMO, it’s gotten much worse in a much bigger with global war, even before the WMDs went missing….

You may find it as reassuring (as I did) that everyday people, including a lot of highly-intelligent folks from all sides of the political spectrum are onboard with this one (as well as with climate change, regardless of the idiot attacks on you). I dunno if you’ve seen the free fall collapse of the third tower on 9/11 (first link below) but my basic pro-environment, anti-war progressive nature got a much bigger wake up call seven years ago when I saw that (as a vfx artist and former math major who studied pre-engineering before graduating with a journalism minor, including an independent study of newspaper bias), and heard rock-solid credible, world-class scientists and building professionals challenge the official narrative of what happened on September 11, 2001.

I call it A Lie Too Big To Fail, and it was sold to us as the work of extremist Muslims (“evildoers”), who hate us for our freedoms. Conspiracy theory was trumpeted by authorities as derogatory on high, (while the public obeyed the hate talk, went to war and slept through the truth — the blatantly obvious reality that the official story is actually a conspiracy theory — i.e. 19 extremists conspired with OBL, a man in a cave, to defeat 16 intel agencies).

Going green should have been a lot easier a long time ago — and this endless war thing is only getting in the way of that more. Yes the idiots wasting our time by attacking you sucks big time. There’s a lot to get angry about. But it’s still really encouraging for me to see liberals and conservatives from every income bracket unite here in the USA, as well as a growing number of citizens worldwide take on the false science, propaganda and distorted mainstream media narratives regarding the attacks of 9/11.

Most alarming to me today is the concurrence of two deceptions obfuscating the two most important valid scientific conclusions of our time: 1) the truth about climate change as well as 2) the truth about 9/11, which negates the justification for endless war, the end of civil liberties, and so many horrific policy decisions, including an unaccountable carbon footprint of an “imperial mobilization” now in over 130 countries, costing trillions, destroying countries and the lives of millions and counting.

If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you and all readers here to expand your critique to include both of these concurrent false narrative train wrecks. The orange haired clown and Mike Pence will make it extra difficult to course-correct, but there is a whole world of amazingly-positive support for a sensible reality check, and hopefully just a few of us feeling a little desperate for real journalism to rise to the top of civil society once again. In the meantime, thanks for simply telling it like it is. Keep up the great work! And please, “Keep the nerve” -as Gil Scott-Heron liked to say. Thanks again.

Francis B

A few links:

30 sec of your time:

5 min: global awareness campaign

60-min: experts speak out doc film, on PBS’ most watched & shared lists

Good news:
A growing number of over 2800 architects & engineers (AE911Truth)…
including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) who now approve AE911Truth as ongoing educational curriculum…
from Alaska, to New York, to Europe and beyond, academia concurs….
and is demanding a new legitimate criminal investigation of 9/11.
Relevant links: 
 (2-min intro )

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