~1,3 billion heartbeats && Happy Birthday to me

~1 bilion 345 million heartbeats since I was born. Still, I’m a little confused about celebration.

While others post on your wall, send you messages and ask you what are you doing today and how are you celebrating, you only think about the past year: what was wrong, what was good, what to improve, who to let go, what you want to accomplish and how to do it.

As I’m receiving messages, I’m writing lists: bad/good things on two columns, planning for the year to come and hoping to do better next year.

Of course, I’m happy it’s my birthday… but I’m happy because I can draw a line and think I’m starting over for a short period of time, not because of the attention & stuff.

For me it is somehow like Christmas when the general idea is that everyone tries to be better and kind to one another. I’m hoping I’ll get the ocasion to be kind on my birthday. I’d rather remember my Xth birthday like this than any other way.

After 32 years of life, I’m thankfull to all those people who kicked me, who didn’t hire me, who stole or made me feel bad in a way or another.
It was the only way for me to get to know myself better.

Today, I’m starting over. It’s the third of my life. I have another 64 years to accomplish stuff, divided in restarts every single year.

And like every year, I’m giving myself a plus or a minus for the year that passed. This year is a big plus… and I’m reaching for two pluses for the next year.

Goodbye younger me. I won’t dissapoint you!

Some are like water, some are like the heat
Some are a melody and some are the beat
Sooner or later they all will be gone
Why don’t they stay young?


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