Why Did I Just Buy That Zcash Mining Contract?
Chris Remus

I have to inform you, but your purchase was a complete and absolute rip off! I mean, you allowed yourself to be sold 1.2 H/s (1.2 SOL/s as the Zcash like to call it, well they are SOLutions/seconds by the way, but calling them SOL/s or Hash/s equates to the same concept), well anyways you should go to coinwarz.com then click on Mining Calculator and then type Zcash and click on Zcash to load up the ZCash mining calculator and then type your mining rate where it says h/s you will type 1.2 then type 0 for watts used and then click on calculate. As of this writting, your paltry 1.2 H/s mining contract will generate you 0.11 cents PER DAY, yes PER DAY, not per minute, not per hour, per day, making over $33 made per year assuming that current conditions remains constant which we know its not going to happen as I have seen the ZCash difficulty increasing as the days pass by that by day 34 when the full 12.5 ZEC per block is paid you will probably still be making the same $0.11 per day.

Look, let me tell you this: I purchased two RX 480 Graphics Cards and setup my own “mining rig” with the Intel i7 hexacore 6800K CPU and this is my current hash rate:
30 H/s for RX 480 #1
30 H/s for RX 480 #2 and finally
28 H/s for the 6800 i7 CPU using 12 threads.
total seems to be averaging at 85 H/s according to my mining pool’s stats, so if I were to purchase 85 H/s in mining contract using what you paid for your paltry 1.2 H/s as reference ($61.26) I would have to pay $4,339.25 no way am I going to pay that.

I hope you feel happy mining crumbs with 1.2 H/s (1.2 SOL/s), you can probably have CPU mine a much bigger rate depending on how powerful your CPU is, but chances are if you have an i7 processor of any kind you are looking at no less than 20 H/s even my old ancient Pentium Dual Core hashes at 2.5 H/s and that processor costs like $5 on eBay (for reference purposes).

I hope you have learned your lessons that the people who sells mining contracts seldom have the best interest’s of the customers, I mean, if it were possible for you to turn a profit out of your mining contract within the terms you subscribed for, the sellers of the mining contract would quickly close down shop and start mining themselves to then sell the mined coins to BTC and then to USD or jack up the prices to the point where they charge more than what you can make mining the coins within the terms of the mining contract.