Canadian artist Jessy Lanza comes to Belgium

Jessy Lanza will perform at the Muziekodroom Box in Hasselt after touring all over Europe on Tuesday the 8th of November. She will be promoting her last album ‘Oh no’ wich is a mix of electronic, R&B and technopop music.

The artist developed her passion for music in Hamilton, Ontario where she was born. Her debut album Pull my hair back (2014) was nomineted for the Polaris Music Prize, a Canadian music award given to the best album, and so was her latest one ‘Oh no’.

Canadian artist Jessy Lanza

Jessy has had a strong education in music. She studied jazz and piano, and also clarinet before going to the Concordia University to keep studing in these fields, but she was always interested in music production. She learned how to produce music by herself using a computer, instruments and watching videoclips on YouTube, which is quite fascinating.

In her hometown she met Jeremy Greenspan, one of the members of the Junior Boys band. It was by 2011, when Greenspan offered Lanza the opportunity to collaborate on their new album by being a background voice.

Nowadays Lanza is working with Hyperdub, one of the most famous record labels in London owned by electronic music artist and dj Steve Goodman.

Jessy Lanza live in CBC Music First Play Live session.

Whether you like this kind of music or not, this is an interesting opportunity to get to know not just the artist, but a creative and personal brand new type of music.