Kiss the Anus energizes the audience

They have been called “the group with the most offensive name in music” but there is more behind their music than the name can tell. Last night they were playing in Café Café, one of the most alternative bars in Hasselt, a little city in the province of Limburg, Belgium. And like their name, they rocked!

Singer and guitar of the band

Not just the smog but the lights were the companions to their post-punk, industrial and darkwave music. You might have not heard this kind of music before, and it can be described as music you will relate with Stanley Kubrick. Like it or not, but the energy and passion they were showing was enough to make it worth while. 
Introducing their new album “To Live Vicariously” they impress their fans who came from the town and the surroundings.

Me as other few people who had never heard of them before felt attracted by their musical notes, the way they play their instruments and how they performed. In a moment of pure ecstasy, the main singer and guitar player did a solo. Favourite moment for his fans. 
Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat is a band which was originated in Ghent, Belgium. It was founded by Stef Heeren in 2005. This last October they launched their sixth album. The original folk sound from the beginning turned out to a more electronic sound, with influences of darkwave and punk.

The excited audience

You might be wondering where the name of the group comes from. Its origin is as loyal as its music. It comes from a medieval witchcraft ritual. The band initially played psychedelic neofolk, with music inspired by religious and shamanic rituals. Since the release of “Weltuntergangsstimmung”, their fifth album, they moved into a more darkwave gothic rock sound. 
If you are not convinced to listen to them, I can recommend their full fifth album that you can find here below. Just relax and let their music get inside your brain.

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