Feeling Blah? Losing Focus? Try Service as Source Today

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Have you ever felt simply tired? Tired through to your bones tired? Tired like you could sleep for a week tired? And with no discernible reason for your fatigue? More like a tired that you want to give up tired?

Where does that come from? You may be doing everything “right”, whatever right is. You are eating well. Exercising. You are living up to your responsibilities. You are in right relations with all relatives, friends, people and beings. You are being a good citizen. And yet, there’s that tiredness you can’t shake. You experience a lack, in many things, in many situations, a lack. You wonder what all the work is for. You question and find few answers.

Know that you are not alone. Many of us have felt this way, are feeling this way. We have tried many tries to pull ourselves out. Some may have worked, others not as much. And then, someone or something comes into our view. Like a great flash of light, we suddenly see the way out of our tiredness, out of our lack. We see a source of energy without bounds. We feel a new way to be in the world.

This not-so-secret was revealed to me when I was at a particularly low point. I had been through a recent breakup, and was feeling lost in my life. “What was it all for, if love can leave so instantly?”, that sort of self pity vibe. I was at the Earthdance music festival, and a new friend came up and we chatted for a bit. He quickly surmised what was going on for me, steered the conversation around to what made me feel good, and as I described it, he said, “That’s it, service as source. Powerful stuff.”

Service as source. Now just what does that mean? After that conversation, my time at the festival changed. I had been meandering around as a downer, lamenting a lost love. I decided then and there how I could serve. There were talks and panels on various aspects of community building, and I immediately changed my attitude and was volunteering at them — setting up the tent, clearing up after everybody, being a good host. That was an immediate lift to my spirits.

Then, weeks after the festival, the longer term power of service as source kicked in. I had been grappling with what to do with a list of volunteers and supporters I had from my foray into electoral politics. The campaign was over, but I had a big list of people who wanted to do good, to make change. In thinking how to serve the greater good, and these supporters, I began putting out an email newsletter. The newsletter featured the good works that these supporters were doing in their communities. It also listed opportunities for people to get invovled in Joyful Activism —actions that could transfrom outrage into outrageous fun. The time frame for all this was very early internet days, before Facebook events and MeetUps made such newsletters slow and redundant. So for some years, the newsletters thrived, and offered hundreds of people at a time the opportuinty to practice service as source in their own ways.

Service as source. Those few words have radically altered my life sense. Whenever I feel lost, tired, uninspired, I check in with myself. Am I aligned with my task? If not, why not? Am I acting from my head or my heart? Am I doing something just for me, or is it of service to the greater good?

If the answer to any of the above questions is not as you had hoped, then stop right there. Find a way to either shift course, or at least shift your perception. Begin again from a place of service. Service to others. Service to the greater humanity. Service to the planet, Mother Earth, Mama Gaia, whatever you want to call her. Service to the universe, God, energy, nature. Find something bigger than yourself that you can relate to. Be of the most service possible. Challenge yourself to be bigger, of more service, more still, bigger and better. Grow into your challenge. For those times when you are tired, lost, and alone, seeking service as source may get you back on track.

Nothing energizes you like inspiration, perspiration, and a good challenge. Try it. From the simplest task to the most detailed. From short to long. The particulars don’t matter. Take a moment, see yourself standing before all creation, and in this particular task, tackle it with the most service you can possibly muster. Ask for the energy to complete the action with the utmost success. Surprise yourself with the results, every time.

I invite your comments — please share your own experience with using service as source. Do you have opportunities you might share with others? Please join the discussion.



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