All Goals in Life Are Problematic — Except One
Zat Rana

Okay, might be missing the point here. While I absolutely endorse that as human beings we should be awake and ready to engage in the many magical aspects that unfold in reality and provide a rich and interesting experience away from the mechanization and acquisition of goal setting, I feel like one’s level of interest in something can develop by merely setting those mechanical goals. After all, like flowers, we all have a need for telos. I would say that goal setting is a very human experience and if we are awake and engaged it can become an interesting journey of wonder and reaching and growing. I have known too many people who only engage in things that interest them. They start them and then stop them the minute they no longer interest them. It isn’t until they develop concrete goals that they actually progress. So it is a double edged here. I think for many people this is a VERY important thing to contemplate and incorporate.