Language “The first step to clear the mind”

I am not a specialist.

I know things based on my observations.

We speak and see things thru who and what we are. Truthfully, we speak the way we see and feel things to an extent that is unbelievable. I don’t want to go thru the analysis of my affirmation for now. Here is what I suggest instead!

Keep your language in check, it’s the first place where you practice your values.

I have noticed that certain words miss in our daily conversations.

To allow,
to accept,
to let go (it starts to be popular GREAT :D),
to surrender,
I don’t have to,
it’s OK for me,
the present,
be here with me,
I am grateful for,
I trust you.

I suggest that you add these to your daily talk. Each of them have a different definition and a different meaning for each of us.

It’s actually a really easy way to practice those core values that you’re looking to build and keep a strong bond with.


What we focus on grows. Don’t worry about using words that are not aligned with your line of thoughts. Focus on the words that carry the essence of the life you want to create.