Plau Type & Design is a good example with a crowded UI.

I’m a user of, and I can say that they use a lot of “psychological” tricks to make me book a hotel. For example :

  • Showing a lever meter of how crowded of a city : “Hotels in Porto is 95% booked at these dates”.
  • Showing price info : “Price goes up this week, don’t miss your opportunity.”
  • Showing info of viewers quantity : “5 people is looking at this hotel now.”
  • Showing info of last booking : “Last booking 33 minutes ago.”
  • Showing info that hotel rooms would be gone soon : “1 room left” with red colour text.
  • Always giving the impression that they offer you a special discounted price.

I suppose they have a top notch of UX Designers and UX Writers ;)

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