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Mr. Salhani: Treating the Palestinians as the native peoples here is tone deaf to history. The Jewish people have rights to this land going back to circa 2000 BCE, and, more recently, to the British who promised them the land after WWI in the San Remo Conference. Ideally there can be peace between the various peoples including the Palestinians in a democratic fashion, but only if there is recognition that the Jewish people are the natural peoples in this region. Everyone should be equal with voting rights and so on, including both Jewish people and Palestinian people, but acting like the Palestinians are more native to the area than are the Jewish people is simply not historically accurate. Once Israel is recognized by the Palestinians as being the historic Jewish homeland, then peace can move forward, and hopefully everyone can live together democratically with equal rights. But this needs to happen, and I don’t think this article sees that. Land swaps are easy. The harder thing is recognizing Israel as the Jewish homeland. When and if this happens, there can be peace. But when articles like this act like the Palestinians are the only native peoples here that sets back the peace process. People should be grownups and recognize each others’ rights. Then land swaps and negotiations can happen and it will all work out. But people need to be mature adults about it, and I don’t think this article helps towards that goal.

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