Vanderbilt Graduate Olympics

From Business School To Fitness Entrepreneur

3 reasons convinced me to take leap of faith in turning down stable 6-figure salary post-MBA to pursue my passion of helping people achieve their fitness goals: technology, passion, grit.

1. Technology 
As a first generation Asian American college graduate, the most preferred career success route was to attain high GPAs and Test Scores for stable occupation as a doctor. Unfortunately, the nightmarish experience in “Intro to Biology” Freshman year at Bowdoin changed my career path.

To develop interpersonal skills, I stepped outside of my comfort zone to sell Cutco Cutlery with Vector Marketing and serve coffee at Dunkin Donuts for two consecutive summers. Those two summers led to a 4 year consulting journey — lodging on average 200 hotel nights each year as a road warrior.

With emergence of technology startups solving people’s problems at a rapid pace, I was dedicated to using my talents in tech so spent life’s savings and 2 years of forfeited opportunity cost for MBA at Vanderbilt in entrepreneurship, strategy, and operations with internship stints at Sprint and Samsung.

2. Passion
Post-MBA, I got married that summer but was still unemployed as a highly educated and qualified individual — which perplexed my inner circle.

Everything happens in life for a reason so I’ve always positioned negative and positive experiences as a stepping stone for a greater meaning.

As a martial artist and sprinter, I love working out at 4:44AM at least 5 times a week to fuel me thru the day. One day when I was working out at Planet Fitness, I noticed something there that occurred elsewhere in the world where I’ve workout (i.e. colleges, gyms, hotels, public spaces, etc) where many people set fitness goals for a variety of reasons such as for aesthetics or health, but quit on themselves within 2 months. Speaking with the achievers and quitters, they all expressed want for training partners who can provide needed accountability and motivation.

Over 400 million people worldwide have diabetes. Personally, I struggled with obesity in college and consulting. Fortunately, training with partners helped me overcome those challenging times.

Motivated and mission-driven to help make the world healthier and happier one workout at a time — I passed on corporate career opportunities to fully focus on developing a mobile app that helps connect people nearby to train together to achieve their fitness goals.

3. Grit

Startup life is like fitness where there is no overnight success. You have to put in the work. The work ethic I’ve poured into fitness translates perfectly with navigating the startup roller coaster.

For market validation from people and tech community, we were ecstatic to have been accepted into StartupGrind and Collision Startup Programs.

Boot-strapping — I’m grateful for team of volunteer fitness-passionate students (undergrad, MBA), personal trainers, social influencers, gyms, corporate wellness programs, and partners who are spreading the word to signup for mobile app at so we can launch in your community once there is sufficient training partner demand.

Power of Sharing
With over 7 billion people in the world and 400 million affected by diabetes, the power of sharing on social media by one individual can have tremendous viral reach such as experiences with airlines, taxis, and health.

Let’s do some good together for a healthier and happier world — use social media to notify everyone to signup at

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About Francis

Francis Huynh is CEO & Founder of JustHuynh — a social fitness platform that connects people with others nearby to just win by training together for the needed accountability and motivation in achieving their fitness goals. Obesity is personal, as Francis went thru the college freshman 15 and corporate desk job weight gains. His life changed when his doctor diagnosed him as obese. From that moment, Francis started prioritizing exercise and nutrition — realizing that fitness provides benefits of benefits that allow anyone to thrive instead of just surviving at life.

In 2016 after marrying the love of his life and completing MBA degree from the fittest/brightest university in the world (Vanderbilt), Francis turned down lucrative career opportunities (i.e. FBI, Samsung) to pursue his passion for global health as there are over 400 million people worldwide with diabetes who can improve their health thru exercise and nutrition.

Outside of work, Francis enjoys spending time with family, paying it forward thru community service (i.e. helping people with fitness, education, business, overcoming challenges as a 1st Generation college graduate), practice martial arts, travel, and read business books.