Not that young, not that old.

There is something about being in your late twenties that is quite remarkable.

You are not old enough to be content with how things are in your life, but you are still way too young to have it all figured out.

Partying is not that fun anymore, but deciding to stay at home two weekends in a roll seems awkward.

Hangovers are getting worse and worse, but… you don’t get them that often anymore.

If you see someone spending loads of money in watered down drinks in a cramped nightclub, the only thing in your mind is: Why?

The downside of it all is: while you start to get fancy taste, your bank account and salary don’t necessarily follow. Don’t get me wrong, it is way better than that shitty internship you were in right after college, but with the economy crisis, you can’t even complain about being underpaid. Why are we so underpaid?

Don’t even get me on the housing situation: when did rent become SO expensive? Well, probably between when you realized a roomie wasn’t as fun and moldy mattresses couldn’t be called furniture.

While more and more people around you seem to have it all under control, you know deep down most of them are just as scared as you are.

At this age, my father had two children, a home and had just been promoted. Well, the thirties are the new twenties.

If you keep trying and failing, one day you’ll succeed. The important part is not giving up upon the first disappointments nor drop something half done just because it upsets you (that behavior is what gives our generation its bad reputation). You still need a paycheck in the end of the month.

On the other hand, don’t throw away your life in misery.

Build the world and the life you want step by step, stone by stone. Prioritize your time wisely.

Exercise. Make it a routine. Keep that stamina high as your body will not respond as fast when you need it anymore. And it will only get worse.

Most important: surround yourself with positive people that will motivate you to go through this awkward but fantastic phase of your life!

Do you feel like me about your late twenties? Let’s talk!

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